Dear friend,

When you hear of juicing, what do you think of? Hippies? Health nuts? 
Hemp-wearing nature lovers? 

How about healthy, young-looking, energetic professionals like yourself? 

It’s time to rethink juicing, because with as busy and full a life as you lead,
there is no substitute for the benefits juicing can provide. 

Just as blood is the key to our survival as humans, so are juices the key to
survival for plants. If it is so important to them, they are equally as important
to us. 

By ingesting the enzymes, alkalinity, minerals and vitamins found
naturally occurring in plants, we are able to bring ourselves back to the
balance found before processed foods, fast food and an epidemic of obesity. 

Take back control of your life—make the decision to live healthier, eat
healthier, feel better and live longer. Be healthy. Be beautiful. Be young.

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Nancy Desjardins, RNCP

©2008. All rights reserved. Nancy Desjardins, RNCP