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February 17, 2008


jannie brooks

Hi my name is Jannie Brooks, I am from South Africa. I am the owner of a nutrition al company called Octagon Nutriproducts Enterprises. I would like to know if it is possible purchase your product in powder form and package it under our name ONE. In South Africa the Glyconutrient craze is big now, but to find a quality source that really have scientific backing is very little. I would also like to market your company as well with our brand and form some kind of alliance. We have a big captive market, but cost of product plays a big role, the rand to the dollar at the moments is about 1 dollar for R8.50, not good. We have a big market with HIV, mining and malnutrition. But the average salary in that market is about R2000 a month. So that is definitely something we have to take in consideration.Our export market in Africa is also good, we already exporting some nutritional products there, instant porridge etc.

Looking forward to your reply


Jannie Brooks

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