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February 04, 2008



Can hormonal imbalance lead to death?


I am especially interested in this subject because I am treating my own body with Progest50. Do you find that this works well in conjunction with your healthy eating plan? I suffer from terrible pms- breast tenderness and serious moodiness. This is why I have decided to take the Progest50 and it seemed to work for the first couple of months. Then I had to take the pills more often because I was feeling the symptoms of pms again. I will start implementing what I have learned from your blog. I was just wondering if you condone consuming progesterone as a form of treatment.

Nancy Desjardins

Hello Teresa, I recommend Natural progesterone Only!

Natural progesterone cream helps to relieve hormonal overloads like menopause, PMS etc estrogen dominance, post-partum depression and male menopause. There are many herbs for menopause on the market but the hormone experts such as Dr. John Lee, believe that transdermal, Bio-Identical hormones are the most natural and effective. Progesterone cream could also be called natural antidepressants and even if you are pre-menopausal, it benefits natural menstrual health considerably.

here's a great website to get more information.

hope this will help.



Here is another great website. It is very important to have a doctor watch your hormone levels. You can over do it with the progesterone, and make yourself feel worse.


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Start to eat organic foods. I've met an environmentalist and he promotes eating organic rice (the red grain). He said that it's much cheaper and healthier.


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interesting blog, i really learnt a lot from you... i got to know a lot ways of eating healthy from your blog... I would appreciate if i could get a time table to healthy food i can eat to keep me healthy

Hormone Imbalance

The post menopausal years exciting and rewarding stage of maturity in your life. Pay attention to nutrition, exercise and wellness, and will be much better position to have a healthy body and toned through menopause - and beyond.


very informational!!... educative as well, i read and felt like reading over and over again....good job!

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