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February 02, 2009


susan wilson

I understand that we need water especially in the morning but what I'm confused about is what kind of water? What water do you drink and what about all the talk about how great RO systems are and now its the exact opposite saying they that RO systems make the water highly acidic leaving our bodies acidic? Help I'm so confused about water.

Nancy Desjardins

Hey Susan, When I was in Georgetown we drank RO water! and still very alive:) now in Bancroft, (cottage) we are drinking water from our well which is filtered and we add a vortex system last summer from Ian Clark at: http://www.thebestfoodever.com/water-technology.php

To be honest with you: I'm not the expert in WATER: I listen to the expert:)

The best water is spring water! so many system out there: David Wolfe or Brian Clement are very Knowledgeable with the water technology, check their website! Oh, A great person to ask would be Gino from: http://www.ocean-grown.com/

hope this will help!


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