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June 09, 2009




Once again, we are in complete synchronicity!!

I have been using kelp on salads, sandwiches and snacks for years.

But, three weeks ago I started craving more sea vegetables. So I have been adding Wakame and Arame to my menu. I make raw sushi with zucchini andotherveggies. I just love it... can't get enough.

After viewing your clip, I will start adding kelp to my juice.

Many thanks for all that you do,

Mary Kelly

Thank you for the background on Sea weed in your bath. I have recently begun to take sea weed baths and will up it to once a week. I can't wait to see the results. I have purchased bags of kelp from a store called Oceans here in Brampton. It costs very little and I get a full bath of 6 foot long kelp leaves. It smells of the ocean...... salty, and it feels quite wonderful lying along side the huge leaves. Afterwards I gather them into a large bowl and add them to my compost. I am wondering if I need to be shopping for specific types of kelp or if it is okay to continue with the one I found?


Thank you for seaweed wonders :) I like to take hot seaweed baths too. As for cellulite and weight loss I think baths can help but only in combination with a diet and exercise. There is no herb or plant that can help you to burn fat if you eat a lot and junk food. Cellulite is very embracing for women and we hate to see the dumps and dimples, the solution is healthy eating and become active, than add herbs and plants to get maximum results.

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