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March 13, 2008


Nancy McNeill-Dwhytie

Good Morning Nancy,

Your sprouts look great. I have just started to try growing them. The only ones I have done so far are mung beans in a domed, seive kind of thing with a bit of water. They are o.k., but I would like some of the more "grassy" ones. Do they have to grow in soil, or do they grow in the water? Thanks. Nancy

Nancy Desjardins

Hello Nancy,
I'm growing my sprouts the old fashion way with soil! I'll be posting different ways to grow sprouts in few weeks! I'm working with Gino from OceangrownCanada. We did an interview together in November of last year. I'll post the whole process of sprouting with ocean water; we just need to edit all the information. Will post soon!

keep in touch

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