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August 07, 2008


Andre Ethier

Hi Nancy,

First I'd like to THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for this past weekend. I had so much fun it's was purely amazing and educational. So when I got home Kim and I started reading your 21 day program and was so into it.

I came across the section where you begin discussing about PH Levels. So what did I do, I tested my PH Levels and to my surprise I was really really acidic! I didn't understand why.

So since Sunday I've been eating the best I could with what I have and have bought. I've been drinking my shakes, teas, salads and still very acidic. Kim's' mom has a drink powder mix that I stated today I had one this morning and I'll have one tonight. The powder has:

Young wheat berry and wheat grass
and a couple of other things

Is there anything else I could be doing to get my PH levels on the average side?
I'd appreciate any advise you have.

Can't wait to see you guys soon
Take Care
And Thank You So Much

Andre Ethier

Hi Nancy

Thanks so much for the advice. Funny story I was doing some online reading and found you can measure it by your saliva as well. I said what the heck why not I'll try it out, and funny enough my ph seemed normal.

Now I'm not really sure what to believe? Is one more accurate then the other?

Thanks So much for the Advice

Take Care

P.s The pics of kim and I look great! Thanks for putting them up.



Hello Andre, it’s very normal to be acid for few weeks after you change your diet! The powder formula should work for you! Here’s a post from last year.

Start with water and lemon (am)
take 1 tablespoon of your green powder 1/2 hrs before each meal (3 times/day)

Hope this will help.
Take care,

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