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September 19, 2008


Marge Crowe


I hope that this gets to you.

I'm enjoying your 21 day plan so much. I'm not craving sugar at all. In fact the thought of it turns me off. My mood is much more even, my mind is working better and my energy level is much higher. Thank you so much.

Jesse Desjardins


Your site is looking really great! I downloaded your free reports and
will read them soon. Are you going to be doing any more videos?

i've almost completely eliminated sugar from my diet since i got back.
I'm finding that im craving it less and less and that my energy is lot
more consistent.

Also been doing a lot of exercise.. 45 min jog to the opera house and
back and alternating yoga / gym days. I've never been in such great
shape, plus i'm feeling really good.

I've had a total of 3 drinks i think since I got back, thats making a
huge difference also.

Rod Johnston


Thank you for all the information you have sent re sugar.

I am finding the information and diet very useful. Although, I will say I am 64 years old and have had a ‘sweet tooth’ all of my life and it will take a bit of adjusting to exclude it. It is interesting though, I discovered (after finally reading the label) that some soy milk that I had been drinking contained sugar. Sugar seems to be added to almost everything and one has to be very careful when selecting foods.

Thank you once again for your information.


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