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    Nancy is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner.

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September 24, 2008




I quite enjoyed the interview.
It was a good validation of the work that I am doing in trying to change my lifestyle.


Mary Kelly

Hi Nancy.
Art and I spent some time today watching the video about the Hippocrates Center in Florida. We were truly impressed and inspired to move once again towards a healthierlifestyle. I can't thank you
enough for sharing your expertise, knowledge and resources. What surprises me is how new all this information is to us, and how it has opened our eyes. No we are not fully vegan, although eating meat is now only when we go out. No we are not fully on raw foods, but a large salad is part of every day, as
well as eating a variety of sprouts. Juicing veggies, fruits and now wheat grass, has become rather addictive. I am finding that we eat the best on weekends when I am home and able to manage our food better. I have doubled wheat grass production and will slowly increase over time.

WOW. You have become a warrior against
sugar! You are so right when you talked about hidden sugars. Your earlier
documents have helped me to look more carefully at everything. I am forever
surprised by the hidden sugars. Just today, I was shopping at the Bulk Barn
to get some ingredients for making my own granola.......... yummy. I went to
purchase vanilla. Well the artificial vanilla was on sale. $3.79 for a large
bottle. BUT there was absolutely no vanilla in it, and the first ingredient
was sugar. The Madagascar vanilla was $8.99 for a small bottle, but it was
made from tree ripened vanilla beans. Our society works against us. But you
know that already,having shopped and eaten better for a number of years now.
Keep at it Nancy. You are a champion of good health. There are not many out

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