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    Nancy is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner.

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September 08, 2008


susie leal

Dear Nancy,

Thank you very much for sharing me such information about health tips.
I do follow some of the advise and look forward of some changes as far as my health is concern.

More power.


Jesusa or just call me Susie

Stephanie Skweres

Hello Nancy!

I came across your website, which looks awesome! It looks like things are going well for you! Thought I'd email you see how things are.

I have been busy working as an esthetics manager at a spa....still not doing what I really want, which is opening my own spa but thats in the works and I always think positive.

I have recently been changing my diet. I eat 6 times a day, fresh fruits and veggies etc...lost some weight but now incorporating exercise so I feel even better! I see a Natropathic Doctor and tell him about working with you, he was impressed on things I know.

How are things in Bancroft?


Mary Kelly

Hi Nancy,
I look forward to receiving your latest email each time. There is always so much "food" for thought. Art and I have a lemon and hot water every morning now. We eat sprouts 2 X a day. I even juiced wheat grass for the first time last weekend.... only a little mixed in with carrot, orange, apple and beets. Wow, very potent. Because I am away from home 12 to 13 hours a day during the week, I do juicing and cooking on the weekend only. Thank you for the soup and sauce you sent along with Art. He came home from Bancroft on Sunday, just in time for a tomato curry I'd made. I added a few spoons of the sauce you made.......... perfect! Will try to write more often, now that school is in full swing. Take care. Miss our visits

Stephanie Skweres

Hello Stephanie, thank you so much for keeping in touch! Opening your own spa! This is so YOU!! I'm so proud of you! Keep going higher.
Bancroft is amazing! Loving it.

Keep in touch! Tell me all the fun stuff: boyfriend/friends etc....


Hello Mary, Sprouts 2/day, so you grow your own sunflower sprouts now! Wheatgrass:) fun stuff!
Oh... Did you see the video all Jacked up Check this out
Every school should have a copy!

Miss your visit as well!
Thank you!


Hi Nancy,

Thanks for your encouraging lessons. Am grateful and will let others knows. I was diagnosed as having arthritis two months ago and pains seems not ending. I stopped taking sugar immediately I started the lessons and I have noticed a change in my body.

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