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October 31, 2008


Kim Desjardins

Allo Matante.

How is everything. Its been a little while since Ive sent you an email updating you on what ive been up to. Well since the cottage I have been reading like CRAZY, including both books you gave me (the stop your sugar and the lose 20 pounds book) I have since lots another 3 pounds. Im slowly trying to become Vegan... Ive always wanted to be a vegan, I just didnt know HOW to get all my vitamins and nutrients without eating some meat. Im so passionate about animal rights and really into this whole raw food craze that I really would love to become 100% vegan at some point. Also, I ordered the Rawvolution book (it has become my bible!) I find the autor so fascinating!!! (Have you had the change to go to his restaurant in LA???)

This weekend me and andre are heading to Toronto to visit friends AND all sorts of vegan restaurants. One in particular is called LIVE, im not sure if youve heard about this but here's the website www.livefoodbar.com It looks absolutly fantastic. Im so excited to check it out. Im also going to do a HUGE grocery at whole foods... FINALLY!! I have a few things missing... Im definitly keeping up with this healthy lifestyle and im enjoying it sooooo MUCH!!! I feel better and healthier :):):) Do you recommend any specific places in Toronto??

I just had one question, while turning vegan.... Are there specific vitamins and foods that I should definitly be taking and eating every single day to make sure I get all the nutrients I need. I want to make sure im taking everything I should be taking. Also what are the best source of Protein for a vegan??

Okay, one more question (last one) do you have a link to the list of all the "superfoods" I try and have as many as possible I just dont know what they all are.

Kathleen King

Thank you, thank you...
I read and reread your web pages....that alone is such a help... You solves so many of my personal problems...

Kim Desjardins

Hello Kim, you'll love Rawvolution book! amazing recipes!
Re: raw food restaurant! www.livefoodbar.com is amazing as well! You'll love the food.
Your best source of protein would be:
Hemp seed,flax seed,bee pollen, royal jelly, spirulina,blue-green algae, chlorella, marine phytoplankton, goji berrie,
sprouts, seaweeds, beans, quinoa, millet, and other grains are also great source of protein.

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