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October 13, 2008


Julia Salvia

hi nancy,

I am happy to say that I have kicked my sugar Habit and am so excited about it. I didn't realized how much of an addict I was, especially for the morning coffee/sugar kick.

i will read your 12 health secrets now

kind regards,



I'm becoming each day sugar-free LESS!
Thanks for the encouragement!

Mary Kelly

Hi Nancy,
You certainly have given Art and I "food" for thought regarding sugar. I thought we were doing so well staying away from cookies and the like. You helped me to take a closer look at EVERYTHING we eat. There are so many hidden sugars. For example, everyone at work was so excited that now the kitchen is offering yogurt, granola and ground flax seed as an option for morning breakfast, along with the muffins, breads, jams and bagels. We all thought this was a much healthier snack. I took my first portion of yogurt, flax seed and really looked at the granola.....oops looked loaded with sugar.. to my surprise, the yogurt has 24 gr. of sugar per 1/2 c. Ouch! I never would have thought to look before. thanks. Won't be touching that again!

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