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    Nancy is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner.

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October 31, 2008



I finished my 12 day cleanse on Monday. I have never felt as good:in tune, serene, happy to be me...Merci pour ton support and good advice.
Also, I love my Hippo Juicer-it is sooooo easy now to come up with a variety of living juices.


I would love some more information, or sources of this 7 year regeneration cycle and would greatly appreciete if you can recommend some reading. I've been very clearly observing an injury undergo biorhythmic cycles of healing, the intensity of each cycle diminishing every time. Absolutely fascinating. Very glad to have found this post. Thank you!

Nancy Desjardins

Hello ???
I great book to read would be Longevity and Hippocrates Life Force from Brian Clement
you'll find valuable info.
& Raw Foods vegetarianism * DETOXIFICATION* permacharts will talk about Regeneration
call 416-962-4400 to order your chart.
hope this will help


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