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November 19, 2008


Mary Kelly

I really enjoyed listening to Wayne and you share last night. I wrote a lot down and later shared it with Art. We were very encouraged with what you both had to say and feel that we are on the right path. There is always more one can do, and we are moving to the next level. We also looked at Wayne's
web site to get an idea of what he is about. Your site is easier to navigate
(more user friendly), with tons of great links. Perhaps I feel that way because I have been using it for a while and know where to look for things.
Thank you Nancy for opening up the lines to allow us to listen in on an exceptional professional conversation. I look forward to listnening again.

lucyane bouchardet

What do you think about miso and tempeh?

lucyane bouchardet

What do you think about miso and tempeh?

lucyane bouchardet

Hello Luciane,

Fermentation of foods aids the digestion. By the very act of fermentation, the foods are made more easily digestible. The nutrients can then be more readily made available to your body. This promotes healthy flora in our digestion tract and the production of beneficial enzymes. In turn, this allows our bodies to more readily absorb vitamins (in particular vitamin C and B12), minerals and omega 3s. Originally this would have been a huge benefit over the more inactive winter months when the body and ultimately the digestive system slowed down. Fermented foods would keep the body running efficiently enough to purge toxins.

Fermented foods also regulate the level of acidity in the digestive tract and act as antioxidants. In a world that is now being bombarded with so many free radicals, any food that can encourage the production of antioxidants should be endorsed. A diet that is full of health giving fruits and vegetables can only be enhanced by the addition of fermented foods.

Choosing Fermented Foods

There are many foods available today in your local supermarket or health food store that are fermented. Sauerkraut, Kombucha, sour pickles, miso and tempeh.

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