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December 27, 2008


Mary Kelly

Hi Nancy and a very merry Christmas to you. I hope the holiday has been joyful and that getting together with family and friends has been good for you.
I have been loving my time away from work and very much look forward to retiring in 2010. We had an excellent Christmas day with family coming over to our house for dinner. There were 18 in all sitting down to eat. Our nieces joined us for dessert. I was so happy to see everyone in good health and enjoying themselves.
I wanted to thank you once again for all you do to encourage us towards good health. We both very much enjoyed Mark V. Hansens video on being thankful. It is a practice I will definitely implement this next month. Being thankful is all a part of becoming balanced. We get so much out of all the readings you post, and always look forward to your next blog. I have gone over articles a number of times in order to refresh my memory on many different topics. I found the article from Dec. 14th on the liver very fascinating. My daughter suffers from rectal bleeding and has been checked out. I suggested to her to read the article and begin implementing some of the strategies in order to clean and strengthen her liver. She read the article and said it was most interesting. I guess time will tell. There are a number of suggestions you gave that I do every day. I have been sleeping better these days. Not sure, but I wonder if perhaps because my liver is less stressed, it is not keeping me wake at night. We continue to enjoy our sprouts, wheat grass, sunflower seed and mixed jar sprouts daily. In fact we can no longer go a day without our green drink. We look at each meal we eat and attempt to move closer to the 80/20. I make a granola that we put on homemade yogurt and berries every day. I bake the oats in the oven with some coconut oil and a bit of maple syrup, then add dried seeds, nuts, fruit, coconut and cinnamon. I can not find anything on oats, as to whether they are acidic or alkaline. (I suspect acidic?) Please let me know. If they are acidic I'd like to find a substitute.
We are planning to be up to Bancroft on Saturday, January 3rd. for a part of the day. We'd like to come by for a cup of tea if you are home and catch up. Let me know if you are around.
Hope all the snow has not gone from the area. It is almost completely gone from here.
take care and again a big THANKYOU for all you do Nancy

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