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January 18, 2009



Are all the flavours okay for people avoiding sugar (maybe some of them have sugar)?


Hi Jennie, if you are trying to get off sugar! this might not be a good alternative due to small amount of dates and natural mocha flavor and some figs. However I rather see people drinking Teeccino and yerba mate in moderation then Coffee.

Hope this will help.
best regards,


Hi Nancy,

I hardly drink coffee (maybe once a week and not always). Even though I like it, actually I like the smell more, I don't want to make a habit of it. So I was thinking of trying this since I heard it was healthy. I don't drink tea or tea like substances no matter how good they are for me though, I can't stand them. So anyway, I was thinkng that this would be nice to drink once in a while. As for cutting down on sugar, I started doing that in 2006 so I'm already off. I do eat fruits (mostly bananas, convenient for taking to work) and maybe once in a blue moon I'll eat something with sugar in it but I use stevia and agave to sweeten my drinks or "sweets" I make myself.

So can someone that pretty much has kicked the sugar habit (I used to eat cookies EVERY morning for breakfast) drink this without worry?


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