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February 10, 2009


Agnes Waterton

Thanks so much for doing that interview. I just may try the flush. I admit I'm scared silly that I may be getting into something beyond what I can deal with by myself, but my symptoms are expanding and I need to do something.

I was particularly taken with his perspective on Cancer. I'd like to hear a full interview on that.
Alternate views always fascinate me.

Thanks again.
Agnes Waterton

Mary Kelly

Hi Nancy,
I was really thrilled with today's tell-a-cast program. Andreas is truly a
master healer. I felt privilaged to be a part of the day. It was fortunate
for me that it ran today. I had the day off! I spent the next hour with Art
out on our deck (in the sun) debriefing him of what I heard. No better way
to understand something than to share it with someone else. I am going to
order the book tonight. It is available here online with Chapters.
I have not forgotten your request for a testamony and will gladly oblige.
Take care Nancy.
Thank you for providing such a valuable service.... for the good of our
health. Hope you two are loving your time away and that you will be back in
Bancroft refreshed!

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