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February 21, 2009


Dawn Lamont

Hi, thanks for the most informative information, I am a 55 year old women, active and enjoying good health, I have been having estradion and testosterone implants for years now, the last implant in October 2007 went haywire, I picked up so much weight, retained so much water, I gave up cycling as well, and you can just guess where I was at. I have not had any hormones for the past 5 months, yes, I am battling with night sweats and mood swings, my decision is to go natural, ie, plant derived HRT! I was recently diagnosed with inactive thyroid, am taking Eltroxin and seem to be changing shape, albeit that the scale remains the same, my morning refreshment is your "Green Juice" followed by oatmeal half an hour later, the rest of the day consists of protein and salads. After perusing this interesting article, so much makes sense! What are your views on progesterone creams? Can one apply this even though one has no ovaries? Does one require progesterone as one does testosterone and oestragen?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Warm regards, Dawn Lamont - South Africa.
E-mail: daybreak@lando.co.za

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