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    Nancy is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner.

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March 01, 2009



Hi Nancy, I've been reading your (Health Lady Weekly) e-mails and find them very interesting. Thank you!

1) As for the liver cleansing, is this recommended on a daily basis for a certain period or is it just a one morning cleansing?

2) A while back I had looked into your 21-day program but now I see that you have a 7-week diet makeover. Unfortunately, I have gained weight around the middle section which I call my summer weight gain. In the winter I go to the gym 3 - 4 times (high impact type cardio and endurance training) and try to eat very well. In September, along with getting back to my regular exercises, I want to improve my eating habits. Is there something you can recommend that would help me get motivated and on the right track?

I would appreciate your feedback before I make a decision on which of your programs would be most beneficial for me! Doris is coming to Ottawa next week for a visit. I know that in June when she came down, she was doing some type of cleansing which you recommended, I will ask her to share her experience with it also!

Thank you and have a great weekend, Louise.

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