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March 11, 2009


Nancy Stringers

I didn't feel deprived or starved when i did the cleanse in the fall!  You truly do lose the cravings, it's amazing.  I feel great.  I plan to continue with the eating plan. weight.  I lost about 3-4 pounds and would like to lose 3-4 more.  I have slowly put on a layer a fat around my middle that I would like to be rid of.  It's not just that though.  I just feel good.  I'm not as irritable as I was, always wanting to eat something and then feeling bad for having over eaten and eaten poorly.  So thank you for all your help and the help that I'm sure that you will give me in the future.  You were great at answering all my questions and I would definitely do it again.  Thank you.
Nancy Stringer  

Lizanne Gray

Hello Nancy,I got great results, better than the first time I did it. My
weight loss was quicker - i've lost over 6 lbs in a week, and plan to
continue the cleanse, since it was so successful. Maybe I can lose 10 lbs on
this cleanse! I feel good and I think my skin looks better too! I found the
recipes really helped me to change things up, because I am usually guilty of
eating the same thing all the time. I don't miss the sugar and can hopefully
make these habits permanent.
thank you! will join again this week!

Lisa Quinn

Hi Nancy,
I managed to convince or just told Rob (haha) Monday morning that he was going to do this cleanse with me.  Rob and I did the cleanse for five days.  Rob lost 9 pounds and I lost 5  This was his first cleanse so experienced lots of fatigue and headaches, but, was pleased with the results.
I still have difficulty with the vitamineral and water, but, I manage to get it down.
I try to do this cleanse 2x a year just to keep things in check.  I have to be honest, I never enjoy it, however, I know it is good for me and  do it for that reason.
I enjoy all your newsletters and really appreciate your wealth of knowledge that you share with us!!
Thank you Nancy!


I have lost approximately 7 lbs.  I can look at cookies and sweets withput eating them!  The information that you provided and the help you gave me was great. Thanks!  I found the telephone interviews informative and reinforcing.  My goal for the rest of my life is to eat in a way that is healthy for my body, to exercise my body so that it is strong and fit and to find a way to have daily bowel movements!!!! 


Thanks, Nancy, for your teleclass. It was jam packed with great information. I look forward to receiving the audio to catch up on the missed info. You are doing a great job! Hope your weekend is less challenging.


Lori Gordoni

Dear Nancy, Thank you SO MUCH for allowing me to take the class! It was very informative and you did an excellent job presenting all of the information. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 9. I would give it a ten, if you included a question/answer time. The information was very informative, basic, easy, and you are very encouraging. I especially liked it that you shared some of your own experiences and talked specifically about some of your own diet practices, etc. Before the tele-class, I was thinking "The 7-Day Sugar Diet" would be too hard to stick with, but I have the motivation and have been gearing up for it mentally, physically, and spritually, so I believe I am ready! Many of the changes I will make for the diet, will probably be lifetime changes. Thank you and God Bless You, Lori Gordoni-

Kathleen Schulweis

What I heard was very good but getting back on with 40 minutes left I didn't hear you say you were doing a re-do so I didn't hear you in the evening. I am anxious to hear to recording. Your products are beautiful and I appreciated that you didn't upsell.
Kathleen Schulweis


Thank you so much Nancy for all that you have done for me.I really appreciate all your teleconferences. Yesterday was a great one too and I've learned that I have to make a plan for my health.I normally go without a plan and you thought me that a plan is a very important thing on my goal to my healthy living.A plan is a road map for my goal and without it I will get lost in the future.Thank you so much again and again.

Kim Desjardins

Hi Nancy. Thanks for answering my question. I was on the phone, with Andre and we really enjoyed the teleclass. Our biggest shock was the fact that the number one cause of aging was overeating. We couldnt believe that we didnt know that. Anyways, we really enjoyed the class. Thanks so much! Kim.

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