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April 08, 2009



i've made this 3 times in the past 2 weeks... its soooo good!! I didn't tell my friends what was in it after they ate it.. everyone was so surprised.


Thanks for the email Nancy. I love the new non glitzy simple format with just enough info to mull over for the day.
Now I can't wait for the dandelions to pop! My sister in law, Irmgard, (the german bigger girl that joined me at a few of your health lunches in georgetown) is just finishing an 8 week stint at Hippocrates in Fl. She's hoping be 'healed' and do the course. She was there for 3 weeks last year.
Today I'm gonna turn over the compost from last year and put the bottom layer of it in my garden and then plant some wheatgrass and spinach. Nick loves that I'm into this...although he doesn't wanna have to do it to the degree that I do it!
I've fallen off the health wagon quite a bit in the last 6 mths cause Michelle (from my office) needed to be treated for breast cancer and I had to jump back in the saddle. She's had surgery, the max chemo treatments and has been on the anti cancer diet and some homeopathic treatment all the while, (directed by Cathy Kindersma from Georgetown). She was too scared to try to go 'raw' anti cancer. She's afraid its too freaky. She'll have a battery of tests next week to see where she stands....I'm praying hard for her and her family. She's already had hodgkins disease 24 years ago, so you gotta know those cancer cells are in charge in her body.
Also contributing to my fall off of the wagon was my mom dying of ovarian cancer 4 weeks ago. It was a short ugly 6 week battle. She was absolutely not interested in any of my 'crazy' ideas, (shes called me crazy, in a loving way, for the last 15 years, even when I wasn't on this crazy 'raw' stint!), so I was by her side biting my tongue when she ate the hospitals mashed potatoes,red meat, white buns, coffee, coloured juice, pop top pudding, etc! Yikes, its no wonder people think the raw foodists are 'nuts' when the health 'authorities' carry on like this. Regardless, the care that this St.Joes Healthcare facility provided for mom, dad and the rest of us was superior. So it was actually a good experience. Too bad Mom had to die though. However she was 77 and had had a good life and the upside is that she didn't have to do the Alzheimers that she was convinced she was doomed to and gets to do heaven now.

Anyways I just wanna say 'Thanks a mil' for your ongoing part in getting me on the ' raw'path that my life has taken. I love the closeness I have now with the earth, just like when I was a kid. I'm convinced that the people in the old testament Bible that lived to be 500-700 years old, was due to them being able to live like we're trying too! In an earth that provided pristine plant food. Its too bad that we have to battle centuries of degenerative genes due to 'modernization' of the lifestyle from 5000 years ago. For my food crutches, I've turned to drinking coffee (one or 2 a day) made from sundried coffee beans that grew on the shady side of a mountain in Guatemala that my niece brings back for me every 6 months..she's married to a Guatemalen) and the other crutch being milk, which I get raw from organic grass fed cows down the road from me. I'm lucky to have Homefield organics supplying vegies and fruits ( a lot of which comes from the Mennonites in the Elmira area and since I grew up in the area I know that heirloom seeds and no pesticides get used in most cases).
My son got married to Michelle (who we love like our own) last August and our daughter Nikki is getting married to Scott, who we also love, this year (each wedding 364 days apart!). (I've attached a pic of us at M&M's wedding). Nick and I are enjoying the empty nester stage...luckily Sparky, our golden retriever, is only 7 and has been on a strict raw diet since age 1, so likely has another 7 years or so with us and then we'll really be empty nesters!

Wishing you and your man a Happy Easter! ( I ordered Xocai nuggets for Easter...yum)
Helen Kuipery

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