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April 29, 2009


Lori G.

I just wanted to say that the interview last week with Dr. Group was very informative. You don't hear information like that very often because it's not "pretty" and most people don't like to discuss it, but it was very good and gave me a lot to think about regarding the health of my colon, etc.
Thank you! :o)
Lori G.

Nancy Desjardins

Hey Lori, I really enjoyed the interview!!
You are so right! we need to hear messages like this one more often... thanks for joining the class and your support.


Ruth Badraun

Hi Nancy,
I did listen to the call and I learned something more of course. I knew quite a few things already but it
was a good call. I did like it and as I mentioned before, I did learn something new.

Thanks a lot for doing this and I do appreciate it.

To your health & success



Nancy, thanks for the Dr.Group interview.
I got so taken with the diagnosis of Cirrhosis a year and a half ago, that I forgot I had Candida...Systemic Candida. Along with your ideas, Dr. Group's and a friend who gave me some kefir grains I got interested in fermented food. I was excited that maybe Dr. Group had a method of liver cleansing that I could possibly do until it came to all those sulpher containing veggies which I knew would either kill me or make me wish I were dead so I knew that was out. But maybe with the fermented food versions of these little high sulpher wonders I'll be able to do Dr. Group's liver cleanse. How about that!
And I'd nearly convinced myself that I was too miserable to hold the phone to hear the call. It just goes to show me that if I don't introduce some new ideas, I'll be getting the same old miserable results.

Nicole Gaudreau

I hear from other people though that if you go to the bathroom
on a regular basis, you should not cleanse the colon. What to believe?



Thanks for the replay, I got home too late from work for the original call. I loved the seminar and I was craving more information so I went to Dr. Group's website. I am making some changes in my habits as a result. Thank you Nancy for bringing this knowlegde to me and everyone else!

Ethel Mosley

Hi Nancy, Your interview with Dr Group was really interesting and as always taught me new things! The knowledge and enthusiasm that you both projected was so infectious! I am trying to order the products to do a cleanse but am getting the message on his website that they cannot deliver supplements to Canada... how are we able to get Dr Group's products? Thanks again for all your teachings and assistance!
Ethel M.

Nancy Desjardins

Ethel, will find out! really don't see a problem ordering in US??

nancy mcneill

Good Morning Nancy

I was not able to make the call, but am listening the to the replay. Thank you so much.

Nancy mcneill



I could not participate in the class although I had signed up because I was sick with some bug!!

This is the second time since winter and it really discouraged me because, as you know, I try to live a healthy lifestyle.

I exercise, eat a raw living foods diet, take supplements and super foods and try to follow Raymond Francis' advice.

Any advice?


Dave Haynes

Thank you!! I learned a great deal.

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