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    Nancy is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner.

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April 20, 2009



Hi Nancy, I am a sugar addict and feel the way you describe above. I have been aware that my sugar addiction is doing nothing for my health but I have been unable to stop myself so I am going to look at your free report in a minute.
One of my worst things has been chocolate!! However only this last few days, I have been reading a book that says that chocolate has chemicals in it that mimic emotional states in us. I have been eating chocolate for comfort for years now. But maybe I am seeing my actions in a different way, having read that book. Because if its true, then the chocolate I have eaten so often has actually been CAUSING my emotional states and the "high" I have been getting from it has been simply, an adrenalin rush! Have you any knowledge of this? Can it be true?

Best Wishes.
Shirley in the UK


Hi again, I am sat here now, craving sugar! I am going to a garden centre this afternoon and I ALWAYS have a coffee and cake when I do that. Cant go into town without having a coffee and a cake or go to the petrol station without buying chocolate. It has gotten to the stage where I am not interested in regular meals and just nibble on chocolate and sweets and cakes all day instead! No wonder I am so heavy and tired and lethargic. Plus there must be other health problems too. So I am going to try and do without my cake at the garden centre and stop nibbling in between meals too as well as stop eating fatty meals and junk food. Thats another issue for me. Really my eating is, and has been, well and truly out of control!!

Shirley in the UK.

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