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May 04, 2009


Johanne Chalifoux

Thanks Dr. Page and Nancy, I'll go on my cleanse for 5 days this monday to friday and instead of just be on juices, after hearing Dr. Page, I'll eat salad and a bit of solid food too - which will still be very good to detox my body and help my skin condition (hopefully...) I'll relax alot too. Thanks for the teleclass - Johanne

Lydia Suarez

Dear Nancy

First of all, I love your accent! Secondly the telecast was extremely informative and was delightfully surprised that my question was on the air. Dr.Page recommended I eat miso soup with sea vegetable before bedtime, something I never considered. Also your contribution in the lecture help me see that cleansing with green tea (Dr. Page's formula) might be another option for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between you and Dr. Page. It was down to earth, friendly, yet intelligently informative. I own two of Dr. Page's books, Healthy Healing 12th Edition and Diets for Healthy Healing which I keep by my bedside. I havent purchased her products yet, but will be do soon. Thank you for time and free telecom. Looking forward to the next one. Have a wonderful day, Lydia Suarez

Mary Kelly

Hi Nancy,
Just wanted to let you know that I did get a chance to join you and Dr. Page on May 7th. I was a bit late and missed the introduction. Dr. Page had some very exciting information to share regarding detoxing using sea weed. It is something I had not heard much about before. I will purchase her book to get a better understanding of what it is all about.
Thanks so much for providing these free telecast programs, where you introduce cutting edge speakers with information that few share.... or even know about. I look forward to reading and hearing what your new membership web is going to look like.

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