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    Nancy is a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner.

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June 12, 2009


Nancy Decker

Hi Nancy

I was unable to turn up the volume high enough to actually hear most of it.
I was, however, very interested it your info. Just got my juicer a couple
days ago and had a green drink this morning.

You asked what else I would like to see. Could you do a demo on raw ice
cream in an ice cream freezer? I just got my cuisinart freezer and tried a
raw milk recipe the other day but it did not freeze. I think it was because
I didn't have cream, only whole milk. I think I filled it too full and
perhaps the 7 hours I froze the container before adding the liquid may not
have been enough. I'm hoping you might have something with stevia for low
cals and low glycemic index.

Thank you,

Nancy Decker

Hello Nancy, Yes! ice cream will be next week!
you'll see how simple this can be without using dairy:)

thanks for you feedback.



Great info.
I love your drying rack!!!

Susan Wilson

Nancy, Very good little clip, so easy for people to get healthy and not have
to purchase expensive products to do a liver cleanse, very informative.
Thanks Susan

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Ice cream is the best i can eat it any time.

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Very informative. I had never heard of dandelion before. Thanks for bringing it up

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