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June 09, 2009




Once again, we are in complete synchronicity!!

I have been using kelp on salads, sandwiches and snacks for years.

But, three weeks ago I started craving more sea vegetables. So I have been adding Wakame and Arame to my menu. I make raw sushi with zucchini andotherveggies. I just love it... can't get enough.

After viewing your clip, I will start adding kelp to my juice.

Many thanks for all that you do,

Mary Kelly

Thank you Nancy for this information. I have not been able to find alot about sea weed. I have begun to incorporate it into my stews and soups this past year, but that is about it! It makes such good sense to include it in ANYTHING that requires a bit of salt. Although I have moved to sea salt this past year, I thing adding sea weed gives a whole new flavour. Speaking of flavour, it does have a taste of its own that takes getting used to. But I know the value of the minerals it adds to my food, so I'm glad to be introduced to it.


Paulette, this is not the first time:) re: synchronicity! I'm sure some of your vibes from Oakville were sent to me:) would love to try the raw sushi with zucchini ( is it the hummus zucchini? or a new one?

Thanks for your feedback.



Hello Mary, yes i agree with you I prefer to use kelp as well, than Celtic salt.

thanks for your feedback.




For the sushi, instead of rice (which I don't eat) or chopped cawliflower, I simply slice the zucchini with a spiral slicer (that I use to make zucchini spaghetti), add the condiments and munch along happily.

I can't wait for the zucchini in my garden to be ready.



Hi Nancy,
You look so beautiful in this video! Even more beautiful than I remember when I last saw you!
warmly, Melina


Do you buy kelp dried or fresh? Also, do you know where in Georgetown I can purchase it? Thanks for all of your advice. Nancy

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